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President Obama Finally Gets Rid Of His Blackberry And Upgrades His Phone

Obama claims to be the first ever US President to use a Blackberry. However, the world has come a long way since the first QWERTY office phone was introduced in the market. Recently, the President was offered an upgrade less than a year before he is to move out of the White House.


Image Source: Daily Mail


The President was talking to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show and told him that he has been given the latest smartphone which replaced his ancient Blackberry. Obama was thrilled to get his hands on the latest device, only to know that the phone has literally been locked down “for security reasons.”


Image Source: CNN


Thus, he cannot play music, make any phone calls, send out a message or even snap pictures with his smartphone. Obama reckons that he has been given a play phone, like the ones given to the three-year-olds.



In spite of being one of the most secure communication devices, Blackberry does not have the same influence as it used to enjoy. The rise of the Android and the iOS has pushed Blackberry into the background. The latest encryption techniques and unique device features can make these smartphones ultra-secure.


Image Source: I download Blog


More and more developers are opting for the generic Android and iOS platforms instead of the proprietary Blackberry platform. If anything, the news of Obama opting for a smartphone instead of the Blackberry indicates how the cellphone market has evolved over time.

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