Google Searches On ‘Protest’ Inauguration Outnumber The ‘Attend’ Inauguration Ones

Trump inarguaration

As the date for Donald Trump’s presidency closes in, the political canvass also heats up with both the supporters as well as the anti-trump protesters having one hell of a brawl. This struggle is not only visible on the streets, but it also can be observed on the internet. From the meme wars praising Trump as “God Emperor” to videos of massive protests chanting “Not My President,” it seems like the election has struck a divide into the USA comparable to the civil war era.

An evidence of this political gap is the latest data from Google Trends, where Google searches for “inauguration protests” have been outperforming the searches about “attending the inauguration” for a President that was elected just three months ago. These searches indeed show the disgust and opposition towards Trump, and interestingly, half of these searches are coming from the states that Trump won.

The Google trends map showed 31 states searching for the protests and something similar about the inauguration in the past week, meanwhile, just 17 states had people googling “attend inauguration” more often.

These searches were not just from the liberal enclaves, but a significant chunk of them came from the Rust Belt and other Trump-won parts of the U.S. The most searched question related to Trump and his inauguration is “Who is boycotting the inauguration?”, followed by some other basic queries, which point to the ever-growing tide of opposition towards Trump.

Usually, American search trends are dictated solely by the mainstream media, hysteria, and propaganda. An evidence of it is, the country being extremely concerned about the plethora of unverified claims on Trump’s ties to Russia. The Google trends represent the results of Americans searching for Russia more often and asking questions like US-Russia relationship, Russian relations with Trump and how they may have helped elect him.

Do you think Trump has won fair and square and should be allowed to continue, or do you think he is truly unfit for the job?Let us know in the comment’s section below!

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