Google Assistant’s Demo Of Making Call Reservations For You Was Probably A Fake


Google recently announced many upgrades in its systems and the one that mesmerized the audience the most was a major AI upgrade to its Assistant called the Google Duplex. Duplex allows Google Assistant to make real calls for a user to book an appointment or make a reservation. The company displayed the functionality in its annual conference. However, it is possible that the promise of Google’s advanced artificial-intelligence tech might not be true.

The new demo from Google was indeed really impressive. Duplex can make phone calls to make appointments or make a reservation using human verbal slang. This makes it difficult to identify if the voice that you are listening to is artificially programmed or a real person is speaking. However, there are concerns that the voice was recorded in a perfect way to present gracefully. The audio calls played by Google during the announcements were difficult and might have been faked or edited.

The Axios reports said that there is no disturbing noise in Google’s recordings of the AI demo like one should hear in a saloon or restaurant. There was also no point why the people who picked the call didn’t ask for the phone number or other important details from the Assistant. As a result, it can be concluded that Google might have staged the act during its presentation.

Google also did not respond when Axios reached them for a comment on the demo. It is still possible that Google has successfully made a living digital assistant which can imitate humans for personal interaction using the phone. Soon one day, we might be using and interacting with this kind of AI which will be beyond our imagination.

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