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Guy Shows How You Can Order Google Assistant To Fire A Gun For You


A US-based artist named Alexandar Reben has presented a demo of firing a CO2 powered pellet gun by using Google Assistant. The video of the demo shows how the future weapons will be used to kill the humans. The act performed by the artist is unofficial and has no authentic validation, it is still mesmerizing and somewhat terrifying than what Google showed how the new Duplex feature of Google Assistant will work.

In the posted video the artist gave a command to the Google Home device by saying “OK Google, activate gun”. Google Assistant says, OK, turning on the gun” without waiting for another command. The pellet gun was then fired and it hit an apple which was placed in front of it. Reben said that he has used a CO2-powered pellet gun, a Google Home smart speaker and a TP-Link smart outlet to perform the act. He said that this job can be performed by any other device like Amazon Alexa. He said, Part of the message for me includes the unintended consequences of technology and the futility of considering every use case. My hacked-together piece could have triggered a back massaging chair or an ice cream maker.”

This is only a little bit of what Google’s AI can achieve. The upcoming technology Google Duplex is here to transform the world. Google claims that it can do more hectic tasks like managing appointments, making reservations. In short, it will be taking over our lives in every possible way.