Google Duplex Will Make Appointments Without The Other Person Knowing That It’s A Robot


Google showed an amazing demo of a robot called ‘Google Duplex’. It is a feature where an AI-powered Google Assistant will be making calls to real humans at real businesses to perform the tasks like making appointments and scheduling reservations in restaurants for you. The AI’s performance is really impressive in the examples which were shown during the developer conference.

This is a blessing for those who do not like making or picking up calls. It should be considered really polite if the Google Assistant can reveal its nature of a robot. There was already a scam with a robocall system which tricked people into saying yes and then used the recorded clip to make fraudulent charges. It is not impossible for a sophisticated and advanced AI to extract audio clips or personal information of people if the victim is not wise to tackle the questions.

Meanwhile, this kind of tech can also be pointed at human scammers to keep them busy in calls and waste their time. If this AI is combined with advanced audio editing software, it will open a path to a countless number of possibilities. At the moment, the technology is still very primitive. There are chances that Google’s AI callers are much less smooth than they are in the examples which were shown in the demos. Either way, humans are advancing speedily towards the development of something, which might start controlling us in the near future.

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