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Going On A Vacation? Don’t Forget To Pack In These Gadgets

Packing for a vacation is a daunting and tricky task. You don’t want to stuff your bag with the things you won’t need and miss out on the ones that are absolutely crucial to your survival. While you are making plans for that next indulging summer getaway, don’t forget to invest in these cool gadgets that would come in handy during a journey.

Apple’s iPad Mini

Before your vacation begins officially, you need to travel to your summer retreat and the time spent while commuting is the hardest part of it. From screaming children to the chatterbox seat partners, the journey can become a long stretch. All you need is to shut all this noise away and allow yourself to relax. Your best bet is an iPad Mini that allows you to play your music or stream a movie. Starting at $399, the tablet is perfect to use in a journey. Apart from playing music and movies, the device also allows you to play games or indulge in a good book. Leave your Kindle at home! Also, pack in Apple EarPods that are way better than any other earphone.

Image Source: Apple


Roku’s Streaming Stick

This gadget will prove to be your ultimate friend when you are stuck in a hotel room with a TV that are showing the same old movies over and over again. The streaming stick is the size of a thumb drive and thus, very easy to take along on a journey. Roku’s streaming stick is equipped with a Hotel and Dorm Connect feature that allows you to forgo the hassle of logging into the WiFi network of the hotel via their web page. You can log in through your smartphone and start streaming.

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Anker’s Four-Port USB Wall Charger

To juice up all your gadgets, you can use this handy charger that can charge four USB devices at the same time.

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TechMatte’s MagGrip CD Slot

You can readily reduce the amount you spend on the rental car by ditching their GPS and using your own smartphone car mount. The mount will allow you to position your smartphone perfectly so that it doesn’t block your road view while helping you to navigate your way through the GPS and map apps. You must also invest in a standard audio jack to connect your smartphone to the stereo system of your car and enjoy the music.

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Anova Precision Cooker

If you are renting a home on Airbnb or any other such service, grabbing a bite in a kitchen being shared by a lot of people can prove to be a problem. Anova Precision Cooker is so slim that it will not weigh you down as you travel.

Image Source: Anova Culinary


LifeProof’s Fre

If you have opted for a beach as your summer retreat, you definitely need to ensure the safety of that one gadget you just can’t live without, your smartphone! Buy a waterproof smartphone case like LifeProof’s Fre that keeps the water at bay without making your phone too bulky.

Image Source: Amazon

The Roll by Ultimate Ears

The Roll by Ultimate Ears is the perfect wireless portable speaker to stream that music out and loud. It can easily be packed in a travel pouch and is waterproof.

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Apple’s Smart Battery Case

Your smartphone is your best travel mate. From taking pictures to capturing videos and streaming music to navigating your way, the smartphone takes it all in one stride.  Result? A strained smartphone battery! The Smart Battery Case by Apple will keep your iPhone running all day long. It can be charged with the Lightning cable that comes with iPhones. Amazon Basics Portable Power Bank is the best battery pack for Android handsets.

Image Source: CNET

Which gadget is your must-have in upcoming vacation? Comment below.