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Now Charge Your Devices Through This Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

Skajaquoda Trinity Portable Wind Turbine

The importance of gadgets and devices in our lives can be estimated by the fact that we do not leave our homes without taking our chargers. These gadgets have become such an integral part of our life that we cannot afford to live our lives without them.  Whenever we have to move around, we make sure that our phones and other gadgets are charged. We keep hearing people complaining about the short battery lives of the smartphones all the time, which can sometimes be cumbersome and frustrating. Imagine landing in a place where there is no electricity and you need to charge your device repeatedly because of its short battery life. This is where the Trinity portable wind turbine comes into play. It is a portable device which helps you charge your devices and gadgets by using wind energy. There are solar and mechanical chargers already available in the market. But, this portable wind turbine wins the battle as it is neither dependant upon applied  mechanical force nor the sunlight.

This portable wind turbine charges USB devices (Smartphones, iPods, tablets, etc.) and folds into a 12 inch cylinder. This makes it really easy for you to carry it along wherever you go. Trinity works almost everywhere and It can be easily carried in your handbag.

Trinity banks on a 15w generator and possesses a  15,000 mA battery. It is not difficult to use Trinity  portable wind turbine. One needs to pull out its aluminium appendages and blades are arranged over them. User simply needs to push back these aluminium legs after using the device and the blades will follow. It has a USB input at the bottom for your devices that need charging. The attribute, which distinguishes Trinity portable wind turbine is that it recharges itself. If wind is unavailable, It can also be charged through the wall socket as well. Manufacturers claim that a fully charged turbine has the capability to charge your phone four to six times.

It weighs approximately 4lbs and size is 12″ in closed state, and 23″ in open state. It is being manufactured in plastic and aluminium. For those rainy days, there’s a good news, Its waterproof rating is IPX6.
It is compatible with  Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, GoPro and most other USB devices. It is also compatible with Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and other laptops and notebooks. The inventors are looking forward to full scale production by the start of next year.

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