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Rollie Is A Grill That Can Cook You Omelet On A Stick

Rollie – Omelet on A Stick3

Most of us are pressed for time when we are busy to leave for work in the morning. Eating breakfast like normal people appears as a huge waste of time and therefore, you’d rather pack it and carry it with you while eating and trying to protect your clothing from food droppings. Here’s a gadget that will help you prepare the ‘breakfast on the go’, say hello to Rollie – a vertical grill.Rollie – Omelet on A Stick6

The Rollie is capable of making omelet on a stick that can be eaten on the go. Lakeland has introduced this gadget in US and now it is going to launch it in Britain. Apart from cooking an omelet, there is a variety of other snacks which can be created with Rollie, such as sweat treats and party canapés.

Basically the gadget is a tube that is heated and comes with non-stick coating on the inside that. All that you’re required to do is to crack open two eggs and place the mixture in it followed by adding the stick down at the center while the mixture starts solidifying.

The omelet pops up in a cylindrical shape once the cooking is complete and as per Kalorik, the manufacturer, it is an ‘easy to eat’ shape. Kalorik also says that it requires around 5-6 minutes to cook a 2-egg omelet. However, those who have tried this say that it takes, in fact, about 6-8 minutes to cook.

Lakeland is known for the innovation that it brings to the British users. The gadget has received a variable response in the US market. The critics have also pointed out a number of flaws with the gadget.

A Lakeland spokesman said, “Omelets on a stick are perfect for quick, fuss-free breakfasts but we think Rollie has so much more to offer, especially at this time of the year when parties are in full swing. Perfect for making canapés, just pop your ingredients inside the vertical non-stick grill and, when cooked, lift out and slice up ready for the party platter. Try smoked salmon pinwheels, egg and bacon bites, mini tortilla wraps or even baby Danish pastries for a dessert in minutes.”

Rollie will cost £29.99 and shall come with 20 recipe suggestions. However, fingers are crossed for the gadget to see how it performs in the Britain market. You can get one here

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