Girl Creates A Star-Trek Themed Basement At Her Home

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Line Rainville is a Star Trek fanatic. The 51-year old Canadian social worker has spent $30,000 to convert her basement into a replica of the Enterprise deck.

Rainville spent over a year to complete the project, recreating parts of the bridge, observation deck, transporter room, recreation room and Spock’s quarters in the basement of her home located in Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Quebec. It wasn’t an easy task to search for furniture and décor that matched the theme of the 1960’s original series (the one that Rainville grew up watching). Custom-built furniture was used for the stations on the bridge, all of which faced a central television screen. One of the most challenging tasks for Rainville was to fit her widescreen TV in the space reserved for the bridge viewing screen.

The small props were even more difficult to find than the furniture and for that, Rainville searched the internet for replica panel buttons, a tricorder and 3D chess set. She recreated some of the props such as food replicator, utility piping, a set of Vulcan bells and colored floppy-disk rectangles. She spent several hours looking for just the right bedspread fabric to match the one in Spock’s quarters, but ended up creating her own.

Rainville spent a lot of time and effort into making her favorite show a reality in her own home, “At some points, I took so much time to find out the precise item that it seemed like an obsession,” she said. She has been a fan of Star Trek and Captain Kirk since the age of 9 when the series was first aired in French. This Star Trek fan has truly made fiction into reality and one that she can use everyday. More images of the amazing project can be seen below.

The furniture for the basement was custom-built

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Rainville spent hours at a time searching the internet for the exact replicas of props

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Many of the props were recreated by Rainville herself

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The basement is a fully functional living quarter

star_trek_basement (5) star_trek_basement (6) star_trek_basement (7) star_trek_basement (8)

Spock’s quarters

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  1. Paige Hawin Reply

    Wow this is incredible. It must have been quite the task for Line but I guess it goes to show that basements really can be converted into anything. Although most of it depends on budget, space and time. This really is a huge feat. I don’t know whether it would do much to add value to the home in the future though. After all, this isn’t everyone’s taste is it? But it is a demonstration of just how much you can do with a basement. There are so many reasons to get a basement conversion done as there as so many uses and people always want more space. It’s a great way to add value.

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