Engineer Builds An Automatic Cookie Machine That Bakes Perfect Cookies

Let’s Bake Cookies 4

Let’s Bake CookiesThe history of chocolate and cookies is quite old and so is the fascination of human beings with robots. However, we are today living in the era where we can see our robotic dreams turn into reality. Moving back to cookies, the quest for the perfect recipe goes on. However, the main problem when it comes to cookie baking is the lack of consistency in taste for any two batches of cookies.

This can be a problem for those who want their cookies to taste the same way every time James Kenji Lopez-At, Serious Eats Chief Creative Officer, baked above 1,500 cookies last month in order to find his personal best chocolate chip cookie. Probably this is what led Engineer Ben Krasnow from San Francisco into developing, what can be considered as the ‘One Piece Gadget’ for all bakers who are into cookie making business. This machine is able to make a perfect mix using the amounts which are specified and conjures up a single cookie, each time with the same consistency and ingredient mix.

Let’s Bake Cookies 3The machine employs specially tailored software that allows tweaking the recipe to suit personal preferences. For example, if you like your cookies to be more chewy, all you need to do is to move the slider on software and consequently more flour will be added to the mix.

According to Mr. Krasnow, the machine is able to come up with a cookie that has been made from a perfect mix of ingredients and has accurately measured quantities every time. He said; ‘This machine allows me to mix a single cookie and vary the recipe for each cookie on the sheet. Hence, I can test many different recipe variations with one batch of ingredients in one afternoon’

Let’s Bake Cookies 2However, the only negative point being that it is able to manufacture only one cookie at a time and will, therefore, take quite some time if you want to be the cookie monster!

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