Get Rid Of Nosy Squirrels In Your Back Yard By Making This Robotic Owl

Squirrels are cute and appear to be quite playful. Don’t let that disguise fool you though. They are a nuisance and a threat to your garden. Yes, they will dig it up and destroy plants while also dropping acorns on those who are not suspecting it. This man finally had more than enough one day and decided that never again will he let these squirrels get to his garden.

How did he achieve that? He built a bionic owl – the natural predator of squirrels and now sleeps in peace. Check out the project below and let us know what you think about it.

This is what he used for building the bionic hunter.

He incorporated a motion detecting camera into the head of the owl.

The owl has motors and thus is capable of moving its wings and head.

This is where the wings were affixed.

A squirt gun has also been incorporated in collaboration with the motion sensor. If a squirrel moves in range of it, the gun will take the squirrel out with a shot of water.

The tiny orange nozzle you see at the base of owl is the squirt gun.

A hose was attached with the squirt gun to a water reservoir. 

Water reservoir being a 5 gallon water container that the owl perches on.

The Look of a Bionic Hunter

Sure Looks Intimidating!