Get Rid Of Mosquitos At Your Home With This Simple Homemade Mosquito Trap

We all love summers with its good weather and great sun light. However, one of the biggest nuisance in the summers are mosquitos that swarm our homes in hundreds. Using anti-bug vaporisers or mosquito zappers is not a practical solution considering every room needs one. However, there is a very easy mosquito trap  that you can make at home with household items.

Here’s what you need.

1. A used 1.5 or 2 Ltr Coke Bottle.
2. Brown Sugar
3. Yeast
4. Water
5. Scissors

The process is illustrated below:

Wondering how this actually works? Well, mosquitos are attracted towards sources that generate carbon dioxide such as humans and animals. The above-mentioned solution of sugar and yeast will produce carbon dioxide at slow rate and the mosquitos will be drawn towards the bottle opening, ending up in water.

So give it a shot and let us know in comments about how it worked for you.