Ever Wondered Why Mosquitoes Bite You More Than Other People? Here Is The Answer

mosquito on skin

In a way, these tiny annoying little bloodsuckers are actually the number one causes of human death and disease around the world with over 700 million suffering from a mosquito-carried disease and one million people dying as a direct result of it each year. But, have you noticed that they are certainly attracted to some people more than others? If you haven’t noticed it then at least, you must have noticed that they are more attracted to sucking your blood in certain situations than others. Now that mosquitoes are known to be carrying the dangerous Zika virus and the deadly malaria ever present, we should find out which conditions make it more attractive for mosquitoes to draw blood and help avoid them at homes and workplaces.
mosquito bites you more

Now mosquitoes have an excellent sense of smell, and they can realistically sense human blood’s presence from 100 feet and swoop down. Now the way mosquito attracts to human beings is varied. Some of it is related to your blood histology and some to pure genetical amount of sugar in your blood, the seat on your skin and the presence of hair on your body. You can’t do anything about the genetic part, but you can avoid the other situations presented here:

1. Sweat

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Now sweat and lactic acid production during exercise appeals to mosquitoes a lot. The large buildups of both will attract them especially if they have been deposited there for some time. So, whenever you exercise, remember to wash afterward as soon as possible or the little parasites will have a feast with your blood.

2. Blood type

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Now this is something you can directly relate to. An O-type person is the most attractive to mosquitoes, and they are actually twice as likely to be bitten than the A-type. Mosquitoes can actually smell the type of blood you have and come in for the kill as soon as they discover its an O-type. Ah, the agony of being a universal donor!

3. Carbon Dioxide.

mosquito bites you more5

Now people who are used to exhaling more are also susceptible to more mosquito attacks. They include pregnant women, obese people, and regular beer drinkers. Especially the pregnant women around Zika inflicted areas should take extra care since they virus is known to be transmitted through mosquitoes as well.

4. Bacteria

mosquito bites you more4

So, mosquitoes love certain kinds of bacteria, and each person has different kinds of it crawling on the skin. Research shows that  Staphylococcus and Variovorax bacteria attracts mosquitoes while  Pseudomonas, Delftia, and Actinobacteria repel them. But, don’t go applying their spores on your skin! They are germs!

So, while you contemplate the dangers of the mosquitoes posed to you, do take some time out and use this simple DIY for getting rid of them around your house:

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