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Germany Set To Ban Gasoline And Diesel Powered Cars By 2030

According to The Globe and Mail, Germany is going to ban all new Pure Gasoline and Diesel based cars by 2030. The government has calculated that 2030 is the year by which hybrid and electric technology will outstrip the conventionally powered vehicles and such that the emission-based vehicles will become a thing of the past. Since Germany is planning to cut greenhouse gas emission by more than 80-95% by 2050, the emissions from cars will be a top priority since they make a bulk of these harmful gasses.

The major industrial nation is already on track to reduce emissions by 40% by 2020, but the acceptance of electric and other propulsions need some convincing since people don’t think they can ever replace the “powerful” fossil-fuel cars ever. Apart from this conversion, the government wants to increase the availability of electric charging to bring it at par with the easily available gasoline stations. More than 1 million electric charging stations will be set up throughout the country as well as additional ones operated by the private firms. The total number will reach 6 million which is a lot more than the number of the Gas stations in the country I am sure!

Nevertheless, it is still a daunting task since the there are just 155,000 electric and hybrid cars in Germany eclipsed by the 45 million gasoline and diesel cars spewing emissions. So, after banning new emission cars, the country will slowly move towards a completely emission-free society by 2050 since cars get old and have to be replaced. Nonetheless, this move by the German government is laudable!