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Here Is Why Starting From Stop In Second Gear Is Always A Bad Idea

(Source: YouTube)

Probably all of us have started the car from stop in the second gear just because we didn’t want to switch back to the first gear again. So, out of laziness, we decide to push through in the second gear. However, that is having a toll on the clutch of the car and you should really avoid doing that.

The explanation lies is learning how much you have to slip the clutch to prevent the engine from stalling. In the first gear, you have to slip the clutch up to a certain speed, around 5 mph to get it fully engaged. Similarly, you need to slip the clutch for a longer time up to a higher speed as the gears progress. The only way it is okay to start your car in second gear is if it is already rolling downhill when you begin to engage the clutch.

(Source: Popular Mechanics)

This only applies to manual transmission cars. It isn’t as bad for automatic transmission vehicles which use a fluid drive to transmit power to the transmission rather than the clutch plate. Many new automatic cars often start out in second gear these days. This is done to improve fuel economy and to provide smoother acceleration.

You can watch the video below to learn more about how starting from the second gear is harming your car:

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