Free Download San Francisco Wallpapers: The Golden Area Through The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Wallpaper 4

If you have once downloaded any San Francisco wallpapers such as one of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, you may see the attraction of this beautiful city already. San Francisco is known as the ‘Misty City’, also as the ‘City on the Bay’. It used to be part of Mexico before joining the USA in 1848. It is a city that was enormously helped by the California gold rush.

The city is one of the most culturally liberal cities in the U.S., consistently polling around seventy to eighty percent support for the Democrats. It also has one of the most longest established and well-known LGBT community, becoming a central point for the subculture in the sixties. It is well known as being a center for the arts and liberal culture especially. Of course, probably most the most famous San Francisco landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Another famous sight to see in San Francisco is Alcatraz prison, where Al Capone, and also the Birdman of Alcatraz, was once kept. The city was thoroughly rebuilt in the early 20th century after an earthquake that destroyed most of the city. So you will find that a large proportion of the architecture is very modern. It has a cool climate, and a population of around eight hundred thousand.

More than 18 million visitors came to visit in 2014. It has also come to be the headquarters of many major internet firms, and although not everybody’s idea of a tourist attraction, nevertheless they are interesting buildings to see. For example, it hosts the firms behind such popular websites as Yelp, Pinterest, Twitter and Craigslist. So if you have downloaded any San Francisco wallpapers and find the city attractive, you will probably find there are lots to offer if you visit the city in person.



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