32 Amazing Scotland Wallpapers For Free Download: The Land Of The Brave

Scotland Wallpaper

Looking up from my computer, my eyes come to rest upon the tartan pattern of my Scotland wallpaper and it dawns on me why such a small country has such a disproportionally strong attraction for the world’s populace.  Every year over 14 million people make the journey to that enchanting land.

The people of Scotland wear their history with obvious pride, reflected in their choice of attire, the iconic “Highland dress”, the kilt.  The Celtic roots run deep in this country and the rest of the world relishes any opportunity to immerse themselves in this rich culture even if only for a little while.

A large portion of the country remains relatively untouched, interrupted only by the occasional stone circle, group of standing stones or even the remains of a settlement that may date as far back as the Bronze Age.  Walking through the wilds of Scotland feels almost like walking through a piece of history.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Scotland is place reserved for the Naturalist or Historian however, it has so much more to offer.  The cosmopolitan cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh have the potential to cater for almost any need or desire, be it music, art, sport, entertainment or simply a rich and vibrant night life.

Never forget that Scotland is more than a single land mass.  Scotland extends north through a series of islands that each have their own special charm.  Sometimes it seems impossible that so much variety can be packed into such a small area, yet here it is, an intricate weave of culture, history and breath-taking landscapes every bit as fine as the woven kilt that so aptly identifies them.

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