Footage Shows Ukrainian Forces Destroying Four Russian Armored Tanks in Four Minutes

According to a social media video, a Ukrainian anti-tank weapon, the Stugna-P, destroyed four Russian tanks in succession near Kharkiv.

Enemy will not hide: Ukrainian military shows work of Stugna-P anti-tank  missile system

The video was shared by the Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker, which tracks and documents weapons used and damaged in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The video shows the viewfinder of the Stugna-P as it is pointed and fired, weapons that, combined with shoulder-fired missiles, drones, and artillery, are killing Russia’s armoured vehicles in large numbers.

The Stugna-P is a Ukrainian-made anti-tank missile system that has been used to attack Russian tanks during the war.

Stugna-P can strike tanks up to 3.1 kilometres away and, together with missiles, is misery to Russian armoured vehicles. Analysts estimated that Russia had lost 571 tanks in two months of fighting. Stugna-P may be put up on a tripod and camouflaged for stealth assaults, allowing operators to cover before firing the weapon via remote control.

Four Russian tanks destroyed in 3 minutes. See precise action on video -  GAMINGDEPUTY

NATO partners have been hustling to give Ukraine heavy weaponry in recent weeks, as commanders anxiously seek armaments to help them weather persistent Russian strikes that might last weeks, if not months.

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