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Footage Shows A Tesla Semi Truck Seemingly Broken Down On An On-Ramp

Tesla Semi Spotted Seemingly Broken Down On An On-Ramp

After years of delays, Tesla finally began production of the Tesla Semi last week. The first deliveries are planned to start on December 1.

Only roughly a half-dozen Tesla Semi prototypes have been observed since Tesla introduced the electric truck in 2017. So, the vehicles were sighted across the United States while Tesla tested them.

More Tesla Semi trucks are expected to be detected and amass even more miles now that production has begun. Recently, o One was discovered halfway up a freeway on-ramp, with numerous other vehicles stopping around it, leaving us to speculate about what happened.

In a short video posted by Serge The Car Hauler on YouTube, he stopped to record this exact scene with the Tesla Semi, another truck carrying a trailer that looks like it is off the road, a tow truck facing the wrong way down the on-ramp and a Tesla service van. We would have thought that the Semi had encountered an issue that rendered it immovable if there had not been a second vehicle.

Perhaps the Semi and the other truck were engaged in an incident. Maybe the second truck driver overlooked the stopped Semi in time and performed a rapid avoidance maneuver, resulting in what we see in the video. The tow truck was most likely to pull the truck onto the road, not the Semi.

Of course, anything may have gone wrong, which wouldn’t be shocking given that Tesla has experience making cars but not as much with building trucks, so unforeseen problems could arise.

If that was the problem, the Tesla service Ford Transit parked behind the Semi might have been there to supply it with energy to get moving, or it may have sent over engineers and technicians to figure out what was holding it back. As a result, there may be difficulties for early Tesla Semi operators, but these will eventually be resolved.

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