Photos Show The Tesla Semi Truck That Pepsi Just Bought Already Needing To Be Towed

Tesla just announced the launch of its electric Semi and began deliveries. PepsiCo and its subsidiary Frito Lay were the first to accept delivery, and the beverage company has already begun utilizing the Semi.

PepsiCo began using the 36 Tesla Semi vehicles in December. However, one month later, a confused Semi was already being towed, which brings into question about how the pilot operation is going if the equipment is already experiencing difficulties.


The images uploaded on the RealTesla subreddit, which is known to be skeptical of the company, have sparked questions about the brand-new truck’s reliability.

The truck was spotted in Sacramento, California, where PepsiCo has a facility where it said it planned to use 21 Tesla Semi trucks. However, it appears to have broken down and is being carried to an unknown location.

Although this is something that should be expected early in the newly constructed vehicle, Tesla sceptics are using this as evidence that the Tesla Semi program is failing.

Being an early adopter comes with certain growing pains, even though you obviously don’t want it to occur, especially in a commercial vehicle where it would mean losing money.

If it occurs regularly, it’s something to keep tabs on, but for the time being, I wouldn’t be too concerned if any of the early units need extra development. For this reason, Tesla is providing PepsiCo, which owns and runs the trucks in North California, not far from Tesla engineers and the Nevada plant where Tesla manufactures the vehicle.

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