Footage Shows A Russian T-72B3 Tank Turret Catapulting Into The Air In Ukraine

The Chinese media Phoenix Television, witnessed the explosion of a Russian tank, T-72B3, on Ukrainian soil. Passing journalists were taken aback by the impressive work of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

On Friday, May 6, reporters from a Chinese news outlet were travelling along Ukraine’s roads when the incident occurred. As the Russian tank burst from the media car, none of the attackers’ equipment survived.

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Because of the T-72B3’s penetration, its ammo exploded, and the turret lifted 100m into the sky, based on its size. The T-72’s turret weighs at least 12 tons. The explosive pressure required to send such a large bulk thus high into the air is astounding.

Several factors influence turret separation, including fully loaded ammo, shell type, and placement. The line of detonation takes its toll when shells do not detonate simultaneously and even when the turret hatches position.

According to the Chinese media source, the tank was destroyed far beyond current military lines. This is roughly 62 miles from the frontlines in this region, based on the placements of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers.

The journalists from the Chinese media were saved by the Ukrainian military, who ordered the car to stop.

“When our car drove quickly about 6 km from the humanitarian aid corridor, a soldier in a military vehicle waved us to stop, the driver immediately braked, and in the next moment, we saw that the T-72B3 tank standing guard in front took off into the air – another death sentence,” said Lu Yuguang, a reporter for the outlet.

According to Lou, Ukrainian snipers sealed the area where the journalists were driving. Although the Ukrainian military is no longer present in the area, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to operate there.

“Our car would have been to the explosion zone in three minutes if Nissan had gone faster,” the journalist stated.

According to journalist footage, the invaders’ tank exploded suddenly in the centre of the road, sending enemy equipment soaring into the skies and breaking into tiny little pieces.

The Chinese broadcast noted that the region was under attack from Tochka short-range ballistic missiles and loitering bombs when the T-72 exploded. However, it didn’t attribute the tank’s destruction to a specific weapon system.

Russia is suffering heavy losses. During the 77-day fight between Russia and Ukraine, the invaders lost tens of thousands of soldiers and hundreds of pieces of equipment. The Russians lost 26,350 personnel, 1187 tanks, and a variety of other combat vehicle systems during the frontal assault, according to the General Staff of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense.

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