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Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 9

Levitation is quite an amazing concept. We’ve seen it being used with speakers and that was uber cool. Don’t you wish there were more gadgets that can be levitated as well? If you do so, then check out the Flyte – a levitating light bulb that has been created by Simon Morris. Flyte, simply put, is a globe that can hover freely above the base and lights up your surroundings in a unique way.Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 2 Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 3

Simon has had a fascination with hovering things for ever since he can remember. It was this burning passion that led him to doing the professional work pertaining to the creation of levitating displays for a variety of products. These products included floating skateboards, speakers and shoes. Subsequently, he came up with the question of whether the levitation can be combined with wireless charging as well. The answer, as he has found out via his gadget is; yes!Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 4 Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 5 Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 6

The device consists of a base that houses an electromagnet and a wireless power transmitter. Inside is a LED bulb that has an electromagnet at its base and a wireless power receiver. Once the bulb is placed on the base and released slowly, it rises and settles into a position where it will remain as long as the electromagnets are working. If you don’t want the light, you can just use the base for charging your smartphones.Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 7 Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 8 Flyte is A Levitating Lightbulb 10

As of now, Flyte is raising funds on Kickstarter with early pledges of $239. Whoops! That’s quite a large amount, right? For comparison’s sake; you can purchase 50 new Phillips LED bulbs that have been released recently in this budget. So, this brings us to the conclusion that this light is not for practical purpose and not for everyone. However, if you do have a lot of cash and want something that looks cool and can do something apart from just sitting there, then this device is for you.

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