Florida Man Sells Family Telecom Company For ‘Millions’ To Go To Space With Blue Origin

One of the five paying members who will launch into space later this year aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket is an entrepreneur from Florida.

“They [Blue Origin] have my flight suit made. The date is now set, and it will happen this year,” Steve Young, 59, told DailyMail.com in a phone interview.

“Why do I want to go to space? Because I can. I am a bragger. I can say I went to space, and my friends can’t. It [Blue Origin’s flights] also intrigued me, and I have the funds available to do this.”

According to Young, he sold his family business when it was making $100 million a year. The company got purchased by Grain Management, which only buys companies worth $20 million to $150 million.

Young’s father and uncle established y-com after leaving the military in 1972. Then, with just a truck and a few pieces of equipment, the siblings started the giant telecom company, which has since expanded.

Prior to selling Y-com, Young also established a cafe, concert venue, and roof terrace in Eau Gallie, Florida. Young had the idea for the restaurant while searching for a venue for his 30-year-old oldest son to host musicians. He found a good spot, but the owner wouldn’t let him buy it.

“I bought the parking lot next to it and built a bigger, better versions,” said Young, who has another son Chase, 25, who is embarking on a career in coding.

Four additional people who also paid for the service will accompany Young on the expedition into space. Furthermore, Blue Origin chose an unidentified guest member who will not yet be revealed.

Up until this point, Blue Origin has launched five space tourism flights. The New Shepard rocket, which bears Alan Shepard’s name as the first American in space, is used for the flights.

The six-person crew will train for a few days before the voyage, reviewing safety procedures and getting ready for unforeseen aspects of space travel like strange noises and disturbances. The group will also learn to behave in the air without running into fellow travelers.

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