Floating City That Will Accommodate 40000 People For Life

Let’s Move To Seas – Floating City 4

Let’s Move To Seas – Floating CityThis era is the era of technology and advancement. We are accomplishing what our predecessors only dreamed of. Amongst such dreams is the dream of Freedom Ship International which is a Florida based company. They are currently raising funds for their floating city. This future city will require you to pack up your bags and get on board for a unique experience, the first of its kind.

The idea of Freedom Ship involves an expenditure of $10 billion to come up with a ship that will be 4,500 ft in length and 750 Feet in width.  The ship will be able to house about 40,000 persons and is designed to mimic a city. There will be a total of 25 stories above the main deck of the ship. These stories will house commercial district, casinos, art museums, aquariums and what not. The ship will allow for the education of children up to grade 12, starting from Kindergarten.

Let’s Move To Seas – Floating City 2The Freedom Ship website claims that this would be; ‘an ideal place to live or run a business’ and it will also house an airport on the top which will be open for private and small commercial aircrafts. The ship will also take a world tour every two years and obviously a great deal of time will be spent offshore near major cities. Passengers will be allowed to enter the cities and spend time over there. The cities in the travel list include; San Francisco, New York, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Sydney.And yes, The cruise will be everlasting.

Let’s Move To Seas – Floating City 3According to the company the construction of this ship will begin once the company raises $1 billion. So you might have to wait for some time before your ship is available for the cruise.



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