9 Celebrities Who Are Also Engineers


Do you know why engineers are so awesome? That’s because they are able to do so much more. For instance; here’s a list of 9 engineers who are actually known for something other than engineering. Enjoy the list.

9. Bill Nye – The Science Guy

9. Bill Nye - The Science GuyMeet Bill Nye, the science guy who is originally a mechanical engineer from the Cornell University and worked at Boeing after his graduation where he developed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor.

8. Rudolph Landgren – Drago from Rocky

8. Rudolph Landgren - Drago from RockyWe all know him from the action movies in which he has starred but most of us don’t know that he’s a chemical engineer. He did his bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and then did his master’s in the same field from University of Sydney.

7. Tom Scholz – Guitarist for Boston

7. Tom Scholz, Guitarist for BostonMeet Tom Scholz, guitarist for Boston who has rocked a number of stages. However, not many of you will be aware that the famous guitarist did his Bachelor’s and Master’s from MIT in mechanical engineering and used to make his own pedals for guitar. His job after graduation was at Polaroid Corporation as a senior product designer.

6. Tom Landry – NFL Coach

6. Tom Landry, NFL Coach (Dallas Cowboys, NY Giants)The guy responsible for making the Cowboys advance to NFL playoffs 17 times in 18 seasons between 1966 and 1983, ensuring their appearance in five Super Bowls and the winning two world championships, Tom Landry was basically an Industrial engineer who had received his education from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Houston. He is also known as one of the greatest football technique innovators of all time.

5. Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean

5. Rowan Atkinson, Actor (Mr. Bean)Mr. Bean is the name we all remember him by and well here’s a shocking news for those of you who didn’t know, Mr. Bean whose real name is Rowan Atkinson is basically an Electrical engineer who did his bachelor’s from Newcastle University in 1975 and later did his MSc in the same field from The Queen’s College, Oxford.

4. Jimmy Carter – 39th President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

4. Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize WinnerJimmy Carter did a general Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Naval Academy and later applied for the US Navy’s nascent nuclear submarine program.

3. Ally Walker – Actress 

3. Ally Walker, Actress (Sons of Anarchy, Profiler)She joined University of California (Santa Cruz) with the intentions of becoming a doctor or a scientist. She did her bachelor’s in biochemistry and worked in a lab that was working on a genetic engineering project.

2. Herbie Hancock – Jazz Musician

wayneshorter_oHerbie Hancock did his double majors in Electrical engineering and Music from the Grinnell College. Although he was a talented musician even before joining the college, still, electrical engineering was what had his attention at first.

1. Scott Adams – creator of Dilbert

1. Scott Adams, creator of DilbertScott Adams, the guy responsible for Dilbert was actually a software/telecommunications engineer.


  1. Hunny Reply

    Iain Dowie, worked for my Dad and asked my Dad’s advice on whether he should stay in engineering or take up football.

  2. MaxGoals Reply

    Where is Manuel Pellegrini ( Man city coach ) ? he is a civil engineer !

  3. Ahmed Kahawy Reply

    I’m also electrical engineer and I will work in the media mangment

  4. anonymous Reply

    You people forget about John Cena, now don’t ask me who he is !…;)

  5. Joe Reply

    Ryan Newman – Nascar driver, engineering grad from Purdue
    Yasir Arafat – palestinian president, civil engineering degree

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