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Flag Of The Cook Islands – A Symbol Of Trust and Dedication

The formal national flag of the Cook Islands is a red ensign and holds the Union Jack flag in the top remaining area. On the right side of the flag are 15 white stars developing a group. The stars type a shaped band and are all of equivalent size.

The Union Flag symbolizes the country’s ancient connections to the Common wealth of nations and United Kingdom. The flag of the Cook Islands, formally known as the Cook Islands Ensign, is based on the conventional design for former English hives in the Hawaiian area. It is a red ensign containing the Union Flag in the higher remaining, and on the right, 15 stars in a band. The Union Flag is synonymous with the country’s ancient connections to the Common wealth of nations and United Kingdom. The stars represent 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands (Rakahanga, Tongareva, Pukapuka, Manihiki, Suwarrow, Nassau, Palmerston, Manuae, Aitutaki, Takutea, Mitiaro, Rarotonga, Aitu, Mauke, and Mangaia). The blue represents the sea and the ideal characteristics of the population.

From 1973 to 1979, the flag was green with the stars in yellow moved towards the fly. The green color showed the ongoing development and life of the islands; the yellow showed the trust, love, pleasure, and dedication proven by the islanders. The group showed the union of Hawaii and the union between the islanders and the area itself.

On Jan 24, 1974, the Cook Islands got freedom and its own flag, which presented a band of 15 yellow stars in the fly of a green area. Green was standing for the islands’ lavish plants and the energy of the people; yellow indicated their ambiance, hope, trust, and dedication; and the band of stars showed oneness for the 15 islands. The flag was consequently changed. The new design, made formal on Aug 4, 1979, more carefully appears like the New Zealand flag. The Union Jack in the canton of a glowing blue area represents a peaceful country and remembers the islands’ link. The white stars indicate trust in God and the equal rights of the 15 islands.