Scientists Create Artificial Wood That Is Water And Fire Resistant

Scientists have designed a new wood-like material that is not susceptible to fire or water. The synthetic wood was made by first freeze-drying a solution of polymer resin with a bit of Chitosan, a polymer derivative from shrimp and crab shells which yielded a porous structure supported with Chitosan. Next, the resin solution was heated over high temperatures (about 200-degree Celsius) to cause strong chemical bonds to form.

Photo from the Paper “Bioinspired Polymeric Woods,” by Shu-Hong Yu


The synthetic material is much faster to make than wood and still stronger

According to the author of the paper, Shu-Hong Yu, the material is as crush-resistant as wood. The final product is a wood-like product that is as resistant to crushing as wood is. The material has certain advantages over wood. Firstly, it is much faster to produce and does not take many years to grow like wood. Secondly, it is water-resistant. Samples of the material socked into a bath of acid and water for thirty days barely affected its strength, unlike regular wood which lost a large percentage of its resilience in the process. The material is also much more difficult to burn than wood and only burns when there is a constant flame, unlike natural wood which catches fire easily.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?