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Domino Has Started Fixing Potholes On US Roads So That The Pizza Stays Safe

paving for pizza domino

The infrastructure of America is in bad shape when you see crumbling bridges, airports, seaports and roads covered in hundreds of potholes. No one appreciates potholes, especially Domino’s who is so tired of the holes that it has started fixing it on its own. The pizza chain said in a press release that it is tired of the potholes ruining their amazing pizzas, therefore, it has started repairing them in some American towns.

The company has already filled potholes in Bartonville Texas, Milford Delaware, Athens Georgia and Burbank California. Domino is also asking its customers to vote on which town to repair the potholes in future. Customers can make a request to have their town’s potholes repaired on the new website of Domino’s which is dedicated to potholes. The potholes repaired by this project will be emblazoned with Domino’s logo and slogan.

The initiative taken by the company is great for those towns where Domino’s shows up regularly. However, the fact that a private company is making the road repairs shows clearly the infrastructure problems of the country.

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