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Free Download 40+ Bangladesh Wallpapers in High Def: What lies beneath the Chaos?

Bangladesh Wallpaper 9

If you have seen the natural beauty of Bangladesh’s countryside, maybe through downloading Bangladesh wallpapers for your PC, you can see that it has some very beautiful parts, but this small but densely populated country is not known for its tourism.

Recently, however, efforts have been made to raise its profile in this area. Unfortunately, it has a reputation for dangerous political unrest, so it is very important to check what advice your country gives to its citizens travelling to Bangladesh. But if you take the appropriate steps to keep safe, you can find that Bangladesh is a beautiful country to visit. Its citizens have a reputation for hospitality, and it has various sites of cultural interest to visit. 

If there is one particular geographical feature that Bangladesh is associated with it is rivers. Over 700 rivers flow through the country. The monsoon season is from June to October, during which there are widespread flooding. Also, the country is located in an active seismic zone. Bangladeshi authorities can issue tsunami warnings after a large earthquake. So be prepared for these eventualities.

You may have found some pictures of this small but inviting country on your desktop, may have downloaded some Bangladesh wallpapers, and want to see what is there for yourself. There are a few things to keep in mind however, before you go.

In Bangladesh the cultural norms are rather conservative. Modest dress and refraining from public displays of affection by couples are advisable. The national currency is called the taka, of which it is advisable not to show you are carrying too much, as signs of wealth will leave you more vulnerable to thieves. If you want a business visa you are required to have a hotel booking documentation and a letter from the local business that details the purpose and the duration of your stay. Tourist visas can be purchased on arrival but it is highly recommended that you purchase them beforehand. By taking these steps and ensuring you are safe, you can enjoy this natural and scenic land for yourself.

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Bangladesh Wallpaper 9