Here Is How You Can Fix The “Accessory May Not Be Supported” Error Of iPhone


If you are an iPad, iPhone, or even an iPod touch user, you may have come across an error message that says “this accessory may not be supported.” The problem is frequently found with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S users, especially if they have downloaded the iOS 10 recently.

Generally, the reason behind this message is the use of a cheap non-Apple charger, but it can sometimes appear when you are using an Apple accessory. This could happen due to a firmware problem with the iOS, and here are some ways to solve it.

Solution 1. Try replacing your cable with another original one for the iPhone or the iPad.

Solution 2. Clean the Apple Accessory properly, and remove any debris that may be stuck in the charging port. A push pin will do the job, but be careful about it.

Solution 3. Plug in the charger, and click on the dismiss button below the error message. Keep the hold on screen and plug out the charger. Keeping the finger in place, continue to apply the pressure and plug the charger back in.

Solution 4. If number 3 does not work, attach the lightning plug and turn off the device. Restart again with the cable plugged in.

Solution 5. If number 4 does not work, connect phone or iPad to the charging cable, and dismiss the message when it appears. Turn on the Airplane mode and then turn off the device. Wait for another minute, and turn it back on.

If nothing works, you know it’s time to visit the Apple Store and ask a specialist for help.

Source: iMobile


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