Best Courses To Learn The Full Potential Of Your Raspberry Pi 3


A tiny affordable computer, Raspberry Pi was first introduced in 2012. To explore the system’s undeniable potential, amateurs and computer science enthusiasts got their hands on it to find its hidden features and traits. This little one holds the capability to build pretty much everything, from mobile phones to arcades.

The Raspberry Pi 3 released last year, is packed with even more power than its predecessors. While most of us will manage to use it for simple tasks, using the Raspberry Pi 3 to its full potential will need a bit more learning. There are a bunch of in-depth courses that you can take to become the master of Raspberry Pi. Once done with these, you will be capable enough to build complex projects. Yes, all on your own!

The pack of courses will cost you only $19 and give you access to a total of 21 hours of instructions over six different courses comprising of 170 lessons. The instruction will cover everything, from the full stack development to building the robot. You will learn about wireless penetration testing, parallel programming, robotics, home automation, and pretty much everything that your power packed computer is able to do.

The best part about these courses is the life time access to training bundle. Hence, everytime you feel the need to re-brush your skills, head back right away. You can get access to all six of the Raspberry Pi courses here.


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