Meizu’s Super mCharge Technology Can Fully Charge Your Smartphone In 20 Minutes

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With the evolution of electric gadgets, particularly smartphones and the electric vehicles; fast chargers are becoming more of a need than a luxury. Various manufacturers and developers have worked towards improving the charging speed of smartphones, and tech like high voltage direct charge and charge pump principle have been around for quite a while.

The most fascinating and unique technology in the charging arena is named as the Super mCharge. Meizu, a Chinese consumer electronics company, has developed this technology. The Super mCharge is capable of charging a 3000 mAh battery in no more than 20 minutes.

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It will not be the slightest exaggeration to call this development a revolutionary breakthrough. The charger delivers significantly more power than the conventional chargers. The greater the power provided, the faster will be the charging process.

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Using the same technology, Meizu has developed a smartphone that they claim will charge completely in 20 minutes. To get a better idea, we can look at the Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 and OnePlus 3 which are the smartphones that include the latest state-of-the-art but they take between 1.5 to 2 hours to charge fully. The new Meizu technology reduces that time to 20 minutes which is a quite significant reduction in charge time.

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You may think that the fast charging would affect the life of the battery in the long run, but the company claims that it won’t. Meizu says that the battery would still have a usable life of around two years which is at par with the latest devices today.

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Nonetheless, you should not expect the technology to work with your current phones. Super mCharge requires a compatible phone and battery along with charger and a cable. For now, we can only expect the charger to appear with Meizu devices. But, we do hope that it will be included in other phones to be released later this year.

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