Fans Rent Cranes To Watch Car Race From Outside Arena Following Social Distancing

Sunday, 25th July, was the Race day at one of the racing arenas in the Polish city of Lublin. The Pandemic has us finding new ways to follow our passion, to do our work, etc. However, no one thought of how it will teach us to attend a racing event in the times of social distancing.

Loads of die-hard car-racing fans found a smart way to follow and support their favorite race-track drivers while ingeniously abiding by the social distancing during the Pandemic. Multiple groups of people rented cranes, they watched the live event from above the arena, and it sounds a lot more fun. The event gave an idea of watching other sports events just in the same way. Die-hard football fans, it’s good news for all!

The standard operating procedures are maintained in such events as they are a huge risk for causing the wide-spread virus. Hence, only twenty-five percent of the Arena is allowed to be filled with an audience these days. The others are smart enough to find crazy new ways to follow what they love.

They rented 21 construction cranes and got themselves lifted high above the walls of Arena, mostly in a group of 3-4 people per crane. Their pictures are flaring on the internet since the event. Quite some fans on cranes with fireworks in their hands just look terrific, and in some way, it gives us all hope that everything will be back to normal soon.

The idea was initiated at National Speedway Extra League. When only three cranes were seen, enabling the fans to follow their passion, their numbers kept on increasing with every passing event. One Artur Bieniaszewski is the person who came up with the idea that we all needed.

This is not the first time in sporting history when such an idea was used to bypass the stadium rules. Amigo Ali, a fan of Turkish Soccer Club Denizlispor, was banned from the stadium for a year, he rented a crane to watch and support his club.

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