Factory-in-a-Day Lets Small Businesses Hire A Factory For Manufacturing

Ready to Manufacture – Factory-in-a-Day 2

EU FlagEven if you come up with a business idea which is feasible enough to grow, the worst nightmare is to survive the competition in the industry. Most of all, the manufacturing industry is affected by this competition where small businesses are unable to compete with all the high-tech production lines that are being used by major corporations. European Union saw this as a problem and decided to do something about this in order to provide the smaller businesses with a chance to compete with bigger corporations. Their solution is being called Factory-in-a-Day and well, it sure is something.

Small BusinessThe key idea is to have units of robotic factories which are ready for deployment within 24 hours. Such factories will be designed to help out small and medium sized corporations and businesses. EU plans to facilitate such businesses by allowing them to lease these robotic factories and hence, automate and enhance their production. This enhancement in production will reflect in higher profit margins. Specific parts as per customer’s requirement will be printed by employing a 3D printer that will help to replace generic robotic grippers if needed.

Ready to Manufacture – Factory-in-a-DayRight now, the issue at hand is that these robotic assemblies are generally designed for a single purpose. What EU wants is an assembly which will be capable of handling a larger number of designs and processes as efficiently as it takes care of a single process. So what we are hoping to see is a customizable robotic assembly which can manage to operate in a number of ways without compromising on efficiency.

According to European Union the Factory-in-a-Day will be ready in four years.

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