Amazon Uses An Army Of Robot Workers In Its Warehouse To Fulfill Orders

“Kiva System’s Mobile-robotic Fulfillment Solution in action at Gilt Group’s Distribution Center in Shepherdsville, KY”PHOTO CREDIT: Dawghause Photography

Kiva Systems - Amazon Warehouse 2What matters most to a business? It is how the customers feel when they use one of the business’s products or end services. So enhancing the customer experience is the key towards the success in your business. Therefore, it comes as no big surprise when we see Amazon employing robots to provide its users with the best experience.

Amazon got its hands on Kiva Systems back in March, 2012. Kiva Systems is a manufacturing firm that takes pride in their expertise in robotic warehouse machines. Kiva provided Amazon warehouses with a whole army of robots that were able to skitter on the floor and made fulfillment of orders of customers quite effortless while also economizing on time and providing quality at the same time. Kiva has also served with Crate and Barrel, Von Maur, Walgreens,, Gilt Groupe and Staples.

Kiva Systems - Amazon Warehouse 3The key principle which Kiva has employed is simple; take the customer’s order and create a bill of materials from it. The next step involves the delivery of these materials to the user. This replaces the conventional method where the amazon employee has to walk around and look for stuff. The system is also capable of organizing the inventory on its own so don’t be surprised if the popular items are placed closer to the fulfillment area to reduce robot’s travel time and allows the system to complete the order in shortest time possible.

Kiva Systems - Amazon WarehouseThe movement of units is controlled by cameras and these units are able to read barcodes to determine which way to go and find what they’re looking for. Onboard sensors allow for the information to be recorded and sent to the central hub and any anomaly is reported. A DC motor and a custom built ball-screw is all that these Kiva robots need to attach themselves to the shelves. During the docking, shelf is kept motionless by providing equal and opposite force.

Kiva SystemsAmazon is taking giant leaps and is emerging victorious with a single goal to improve the user’s experience and this approach is helping them expand their business. One must really commend Amazon for operating huge warehouses with a large inventory in such an efficient manner which is sustainable and cheap.

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