Facebook Sued Over Spread Of False Information

On Tuesday, Reporters Without Borders filed a lawsuit against Facebook in Paris, France. The case has been filed against the social network giant Facebook after citing hate speech against media, and the abundant spread of false information on COVID-19 on the social media platform.

This is the latest development in the war that governments and campaigners are waging against big tech worldwide. It has been noticed that spread of fake information is an ordinary feat on Facebook, and most alarmingly, fake information on COVID-19 and conspiracy theories on vaccines has been rampant.

The platform also contains ‘posts threatening and insulting French satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ TV program Quotidien and regional newspaper L’Union,’ Reporters Without Borders stated.

“Using expert analyses, personal testimony and statements from former Facebook employees, RSF’s lawsuit demonstrates that … it (Facebook) allows disinformation and hate speech to flourish … contrary to the claims made in its terms of service and through its ads,” its statement said.

Facebook France didn’t respond to the lawsuit filed with the Paris Public Prosecutor. However, in a statement, they said that Facebook is spending more than ever before to ban harmful and insensitive content, given its zero-tolerance policy.

RSF stated that the court ruling in France against the social media giant has a potentially global impact and considers filing similar lawsuits against insensitive content at other places.

The suit involved Facebook France and Facebook Ireland and was based on the “French consumer code.” Under the code, the companies using fake commercial practices can be liable up to the fines of 10 percent of their annual turnover.

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