Elon Musk Presents The ‘Strongest Argument’ Yet Against UFO Sightings

The multi-billionaire Elon Musk waded into the myths of UFO sightings this week, stating that his latest ‘meme’ is enough argument against the existence of aliens. The meme states if Aliens ever existed, Musk would know it by now.

The graph below shows that camera technology has evolved a lot since the 20th century, but sadly, UFOs’ pictures remain low quality for some reason. And that reason most probably is that it’s a made-up concept. His tweet containing the meme even got a like from Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO. One thing is for sure, Musk after the UFO’s clearly tells that he is not a believer.

In an interview in February, Musk said, “To the best of knowledge, there is no sign of alien life neither on earth nor anywhere else.” He added, “I sure would have known if anything such as aliens existed.” Rogan, who was conducting the interview, said in reply, “I hope so.”

The Space X and Tesla’ CEO told the interviewer that its a waste of recourses and time if we keep on looking for aliens.

Moreover, the multi-billionaire said that “if they wanted us to know, they would walk down the main street saying, Hey, I am an Alien, nice to meet you.”

The statements from Musk on Aliens and his meme went viral over the internet and given who it is coming from, many people who used to believe in aliens would step back. Who knows more of the outer worlds than Elon Musk?

In contrast, many people say there are always chances that Musk himself is an Alien, desperately trying hard to reach back to his home planet. A Twitter user responded to Musk’s Tweet, saying, “that’s exactly what an Alien would Tweet.”

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