Here’s How To Exit An Airplane Swiftly Without Being Offensive

We all have seen them before! As soon as the seat belt blinker goes off, these people are ready to jump off their seats of the airplane and onto the aisle as if there’s a chopper waiting for them and they have to be there in the next five minutes.

What transpires, of course, is mindless standing in a hunched position and slow pacing towards the exit while blocking rest of the folks who had the common decency to remain seated and wait for their row’s turn to leave. Not only it is a fruitless activity for the offenders, but it is also unfair for the rest of the sitting travelers as they now have to even wait for the people who were sitting behind them while they sob on the pillow.

Image Credits: SmarterTravel

While we all know these rants will fall on deaf ears and we will have to deal with the idiots every time after a flight, but it is still worth giving a shot. To be fair, some people actually might be on a tight connecting flight schedule, so they feel the urge to somehow rush to the front of the aisle, but it still doesn’t justify this ill-mannered action. If one really wants to jump out of the plane as soon as it lands, plane companies offer seats close to the exit specifically for these impatient people for a little extra charge.

Sitting in your seat and waiting until it’s your turn is definitely the right thing to do.

However, what my experience says is that it would never happen ever.

This is one of those things that, like, crowding around a subway train door instead of stepping aside to let folks off, people think will give them some sort of advantage.

Just let people sitting in front of you get up and leave before you, it’s not that hard! Watch this video by Jim Jefferies which will take you through the flight of a very common etiquette issue: Airplane Etiquette.

Have you ever been unlucky enough to face this issue? You can share with us in the comments section below.

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