Ex-Generals Warn Of An Impending Deadly ‘Civil War’ In France, Face Backlash


A letter stating that racial minorities could set up France for a downhill track faces early criticism by the government. Sanctions for the signatories and the ones involved! The letter of offensive nature was published on the 60th anniversary of a failed military coup intended to stop Algeria from claiming independence.

The idea behind the letter in question was that the minorities and immigrants are a threat to French values and warned that they could also potentially light up a civil war in the country’s future. It also blames the French Muslim population and anti-racism mindset for dividing the communities. The letter warned, stating “failure to act against “suburban hordes” — or residents of mainly immigrant suburban areas — and other groups who “scorn our country” will lead to “civil war” and deaths “in the thousands.”

The racist and anti-minority letter gained popularity after its publication in Valeurs Actuelles, a right-wing paper owned by a former military general. The letter was condemned early on, and the French Military chief said that the ones who signed the open letter might get early retirement. Those who already have ex with their status would have their punishments in the form of immediate sanctions.

The punishment sounds enough for teaching a lesson that 2021 is not the year to spark another civil war and that too in France, no way.

Taking an Oath for staying neutral and not abiding by it sure would have its repercussions as the French Minister in charge of the military said, “For [those] who have violated the duty of reserve, sanctions are planned, and if there are active soldiers among the signatories, I asked the chief of staff of the armed forces to apply the rules.”

Eighteen serving officers signed the open letter, which was a straight threat to French minorities. Still, fortunate to say is that they are on route to face sanctions, General Francois said, “Each one will go before a senior military council.”

A racist letter and terming it as “defending traditional French values” sounds more than alarming. Thankfully, the letter of hate for the small communities in France faced early criticism by the senior command, the French government, and the public.

However, it sure is a sign that if anything of the sort happens in the future, there would be some support among the military.


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