CDC Says That Vaccinated Americans Can Freely Roam Around Outside Without Masks

Center for Disease Control has finally announced what everyone was anxiously waiting for. A piece of promising news for every human being on the planet that came with relief that at least it is happening somewhere in the world. Vaccinated Americans can now go outside without having to wear a mask.

The individuals who have gotten both the dosages of their vaccine could go out and venture into the outside world as like pre-COVID days. A feeling that everyone aches to achieve again, the freedom we had to roam anywhere we want without wearing a mask and having to keep a distance from friends and family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a pain for all and has turned our lives miserable; for some, the impact of it wasn’t that much, and they recovered. However, for others, fighting with its harsh symptoms and even losing a loved one must have felt like hell. The virus’s implications were not limited to health. It nearly destroyed the economy of the world, where many lost their means of living. Also, the feeling of not being allowed to leave a room experienced by COVID-affected individuals was somewhat traumatizing.

CDC’S Announcement

The announcement came with relaxing the preventive measures, exclusively for those who have gotten their dose of vaccine successfully. They could now go outside without worrying about contracting the virus and subsequently transferring it to the loved ones. They are finally free of the dark days.

Co-operating America

Almost one-third population of America is already successfully vaccinated, and this was only possible with the right measures taken by the state and the public’s cooperation. Hence, relieving America of the condition to wear a mask before leaving home.

“It’s the return of freedom,” said Mike Saag, an infectious disease expert at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, who was understandably ebullient about the change. “It’s the return of us being able to do normal activities again.” While it’s still too soon to jump completely back to normal, “we’re on the exit ramp,” he added. “And that’s a beautiful thing.”

Vaccine shots are a must

However, concerns remain for those who still follow the controversial stories and are still not believing in the virus. Some others are scared of the effects of the vaccine, fearing what if something goes wrong. They are not completely wrong to think like this because some vaccines have had implications on certain individuals, such as Johnsons and Johnsons Vaccine, resulting in blood-clotting in some people. However, I would want to tell those individuals that such incidences are rare, and it is still better to get vaccinated than to sit and wait to contract a deadly variant of the virus.

A paced-up development and rapid roll-out of effective vaccines and people getting up to get a shot are now returning as a reward in the shape of freedom for Americans. Approximately 140 million people in America have gotten their dosages of vaccine so far. They have gotten to a safe level where CDC has said it’s okay for people to go outdoors without a mask, such as on a walk or a cycling ride. However, it is a whole other story for indoor spaces even now.

CDC’s new guidelines concerning coronavirus are mainly for the individuals who have gotten the complete vaccine shot. They can now roam free of their will. It is recommended that those who are one-shot down and those who haven’t gotten it follow the previously told SOP’s.

The news comes in as one of the initial signs that the world is getting back to normal, a place where we used to roam carefree and socialized with our friends and family just the way we liked.

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