Everything You Need To Know About DNA Testing At Home

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At-home DNA testing services went mainstream in the past years because of the ancestry testing. While paternity DNA testing is available for years now, the tests at home have never been so popular as they are now. If you consider buying and having one of these tests, there are a few things to know beforehand.

One of them is that is that there are many types of DNA tests. But while the DNA collection can be accomplished at home, the extraction of the DNA and its analysis have to be performed in special dedicated places, like laboratories, by professionals in this area.

Then, don’t expect the result to come to soon. While some DNA tests while get you the results in just one day, there are though cases when the results will be ready in matter of weeks or even months. And that is because testing is rather complicated, and the results aren’t always available as soon as we want them to.

The DNA tests are performed using saliva or blood drops, depending on the type of test, but also on the company that does the testing. Virtually anyone can have their DNA tested. But age may be in some cases a restriction. Some companies do require a signed consent by the parents/tutors of a minor, in order to have the test.

When it comes to the accuracy of the testing, that too depends on several factors. The number of types of genes that are examined and the algorithm used to calculate the results can influence the result, so the precision isn’t always 100%. The human genome is an extremely complex thing, and scientists took 13 years and billions of dollars to figure it out. The tests cost sometimes under $100, and the time to have the results are also as little as a few days, so the accuracy is debatable. The results may also differ among different tests.

If you want to have the most accurate results, you have to use the best DNA ancestry kit. While having a Google search or asking a doctor or drugstore help a lot, so does knowing what are your expectations about the testing. You can have the spotlight on the family ancestry and the family tree, or go back hundreds of years to track the traits, connect with living relatives, or identify population groups with similar DNA.

But DNA testing helps getting even more information. There are health and diseases information about yourself or relatives. This way, you will be able to find which conditions you may be predisposed to. The truth is that a single drop of DNA can store tons of data, and scientists have come with new methods every now and then to store that data.

Just imagine that are some DNA tests which have been taken by millions of people, so getting into a huge worldwide data base will increase the chances to find that somewhere out in the world – or maybe so close to your home – there is someone with whom you are relating.

There are also pet DNA testing kits. For example, if you take a dog or a cat of an unknown origin, race or parentage, a DNA testing will provide valuable information. Susceptibility to certain illnesses or conditions, or the pet’s behavior can be revealed through its genomics.

Bottom line, DNA testing is a serious thing and can offer you answers you looked for many years. But it is also a great and fun way to learn more about yourself, your origins and your family. You can also have the surprise to see that unknown relatives from other parts of the world have taken the test. Breaking the DNA and making the family bonds are often fun, and a DNA test can also be a perfect gift for someone close.


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