Watch What Happened When These VBloggers Broke Into Russian Military Base

This is “going behind enemy lines” on steroids! Viewing any piece of history from the Soviet era is an interesting sight, and the prospect becomes especially great if you can do so without running the risk of ending up in handcuffs. Thanks to You Tubers with the channel “Exploring the Unbeaten Path,” we get to travel to the middle of nowhere and view some astonishing space shuttles used in Soviet-era in Buran Programme. The space facility is abandoned, but the base is still active and located at the Baikonur Cosmodrome spaceport in Kazakhstan. Undoubtedly, infiltrating the hanger was no small feat!

Image Credits: YouTube

Baikonur is the World’s first and largest space launch facility leased by the Russian government and is still used to launch all Russian crew missions. The spaceport has seen countless commercial and military missions protected by soldiers patrolling the area.

So the video of video bloggers sneaking into the spaceport is nothing short of an action movie, with the stealth mission ridden with numerous scares. But they did manage to pull it off, and after spending a lot of time, they even managed to get a drone flight inside the hangar and tons of footage of the shuttles on the inside and out.

The video also sheds light on the importance of these shuttles placed high in the annals of space history begging for better treatment and care. The Buran Programme was Russia’s first reusable spacecraft mission that was thrown into the trash can after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Image Credits: YouTube

In the end, only one unmanned mission managed to fly during the program with the orbiter later getting crushed in a hanger collapse. This led to the indefinite suspension of the program in 1993 with one test vehicle still residing at the Technik Museum Speyer.

However, it is still astonishing that Russians are very careless about security. Could you imagine a handful of German thrill seekers hiking into Area 51 and mugging over their old stuff? Anyhow, this does make for a super video, so enjoy while the adventures of the YouTubers last!

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