Ever Wondered Why Is There A Tiny Hole Next To The Camera In iPhone 6? Mystery Solved


Not very surprising, though. The hole next to the camera in the next iPhone has been confirmed to be a noise-canceling microphone after months of speculation about it. Now, it’s not like iPhones can’t have holes just for nothing like some people tend to argue about it but this time, they are really not.Here is what we know so far about the tiny hole that has iOS users over-excited for some reason:

This is the hole we are talking about right now.

iPhone microphone hole

Some people had interesting theories about it. Claiming it was a reset button just like Casio calculators of old. Sweet!

iPhone microphone hole3

But, no! It really doesn’t so don’t go poking the nib of your pen here. It is not a reset button or any kind of button at that.

iPhone microphone hole2

Now here is where it gets interesting. Apple itself has shown what it is. Go on, take a look:

iPhone microphone hole5

A microphone it is. But what are three microphones doing in one iPhone? Apple wants you to have the best experience on your phone. The microphone at the back is a noise-canceling one. So, you will be getting distortion-free calls in the new sets.

iPhone microphone hole6

Now we have covered the main mic and the back one. What about the third one in the speaker itself?

It provides a new approach for sound to enter the phone. Both the front and speaker microphone aren’t just involved in the noise-canceling business, though. They clear your voice when you are making videos.

iPhone microphone hole7

Now you will be able to call Siri out like a servant from across the room. All thanks to these innovative microphones.

iPhone microphone hole9

The speaker has been upgraded as well, giving you premium quality sound. The noise-cancellation also works on headsets as well. The iPhones have changed a lot since they first entered the market. Here is the original iPhone alongside the latest iPhone 6S.

iPhone microphone hole10

Here is an old yet informative video about the Apple’s audio strategy:


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