ERO Robot Crushes Buildings and Recycles Their Concrete


ERO Concrete Deconstruction Robot 2Engineering is not only about creating new things, it is also about disposing off of the older things as well. We need smart disposal to reduce the waste and therefore one cannot ignore the recycling process. Clean and efficient disposal of waste and recycling of materials is becoming the talk of the day. We all know how human race is running low on natural reserves, so obviously if you can recycle and use then why not do it!

ERO Concrete Deconstruction Robot 3What caught our attention was the fact that building tall towers is being done quite efficiently and is taking place and every now and then. That is good, but what about when you need to demolish them? Here’s a fact; they don’t fall efficiently at all. This is where the engineering kicks in. In order to tackle the waste and come up with better means of building demolition an industrial designer, Omer Haciomeroglu, has created what is being called as ERO concrete deconstruction robot.

ERO Concrete Deconstruction Robot 4Well, no doubt, that using robotics for such a task is a brilliant idea! It is safer and will be much more efficient. However, it is the deconstruction methodology which ERO concrete deconstruction robot uses and how it manages waste which makes it so much special. In words of Omer; ‘ERO is a Concrete Deconstruction Robot designed to disassemble reinforced concrete structures and enable the building materials to be re-used for new prefabricated concrete buildings.’

ERO Concrete Deconstruction Robot 5He further stated that in order to dispose-off the hardened concrete which is the most important construction material, the ERO ‘uses water jets to crack the concrete surface to disassemble concrete and sucks up the mixed debris. It cleanly separates the waste mixture and packages the cleaned material. What was previously waste, now turns into labeled packaged asset to be transferred right away into concrete pre-casting stations to be re-molded into new building blocks.’

ERO Concrete Deconstruction RobotSuch inventions are sure handy and should be acknowledged and given their due importance. We congratulate Omer and hope that he would work towards making his invention more effective and efficient.



  1. Carla Hart Reply

    I would like to get a link for a video as well as further details. How can I access this information?

  2. Waleed Hashem Reply

    Great invention, Interesting machines
    If you need to Market It in Qatar let me know

  3. ganesh suthar Reply

    amazing and creative idea about recycling of building part of concrete

  4. Anon Reply

    I think using acids or chemicals would go against the idea of it.
    They can be harmful to the enviroment, and are harder to deal with later.
    The use of water jets is really clean and enviroment friendly.

    And believe me, water jets can do wonders, there’s no need of any chemicals, just high-pressure water mized with some abrasive like metal or granite.

  5. shanmugam.R Reply

    one qus…?
    it can more costly
    all type building it used

    is amaze….

  6. Mazen Bashawri Reply

    i need to see Video if possible for this Machine because i want to show it to my contractors and others Customer in Saudi Arabia.

    I could be your local Dist. in Saudi Arabia Market which has large Project and construction recently for next 8 Years.

    My Mobile is +966 506505015

    Need to know your Showroom Location and need Also catalage

  7. Raja Sekhara reddy Reply

    Nice idea .
    can i ask u a que.?
    how could u maintain the pressure/force to dis-assemble the reinforced concrete by using water in rapid jet pumps.

    have u used any type of acids or chemicals in this process !

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