Epson Moverio – Android Powered See-through Wearable 3D Display

epson moverio bt-100

epson moverio bt-100 androidWe have talked about wearable tech, science sure is getting us things we used to fantasize about or saw in fancy Bond series. The idea of wearing head gear like Iron Man or using glasses that give you the feel as if you’re from future is something all of us want. Anyhow, what we have for you right now is somewhat similar to Google Glass but there are some added features which you might not be able to find in Google Glass. Epson Moverio was supposedly meant to be used as a video reviewing device for personal use. However, as we all have heard, criss-crossing is the talk of the day, remember the flying car? The developers at APX Labs, it seems, are fan of making crosses too. So when this Epson Moverio got into their hands they saw an opportunity and seized it.

glass andriod

APX LabsIt does seem clunky, that’s a given. However, one of these clunky looking Epson Moverio has been tweaked.  The improvement comes in the form of a camera, microphone and a 9-axis motion sensor setup. It was kind of okay as long as they were adding camera and mic but this 9-axis motion sensor setup seems like they’ve gone overboard, do you think? Well, this setup has been added to provide with some brilliant Augmented Reality experience for the user. The gadget has some awesome voice and gesture controls. That’s not all that this gadget has to offer. This gadget has what the developers like to call the Northstar. What is Northstar? Northstar  is a collection of field of viewpoints. One may call them a series and one need only turn their head toward it to access the Augmented Reality content that is associated with them. A few examples of AR content include but are in no way limited to traffic patterns and directions to a particular location. Okay, that’s cool, yes? Well this one will really amaze you then; using the Northstar you can ‘jack’ into other person’s live video feed.  This feature is available for your friends who are included in your social network and using this amazing feature one can enjoy the view of mountains while he sits in his lounge on the comfy couch.

epson_glassThe Northstar is basically supposed to work as a cloud where people can store their content and it will be available to others. Quite slick concept, if you ask us.


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