Engineer Friends Met After 10 Years And Made An Awesome Boat Out Of Wood

Boat DIY

You rarely get to see high school and college friends once you are busy with your careers. If you do have a get together at some point later, what do you do? Play cards, reminisce about past life, etc. I take it none of you would make an excellent Viking remnant on your own and go for a run in the local lake? Well, these guys did just that.

These college friends made a vow back in college that they would meet ten years later and do something awesome. This is what they pulled off:

They began pursuing their idea by cutting slices of marinBoat DIYe plywood.

They started working hard and put a rain cover on top.

Boat DIY2

This base layer is here. Any guesses where this is going?

Boat DIY3

Strands of copper wire are holding the different sections together. Yes, it is a boat. No prizes for guessing now.

Boat DIY4

To install seating and provide shape, they installed thwarts.

Boat DIY5

To seal the joints and stop the water inflow, they used some heated epoxy.

Boat DIY6

Applying these resins was a tedious job as too much could imbalance the shape and too less could prove disastrous.

Boat DIY7

Once the resin dried up, they took it out for a test drive.

Boat DIY8

Transporting was a bit of a problem. But trust them, they’re engineers. They can accomplish anything.

Boat DIY9

Anchors away! The first run was a complete success.

Boat DIY10

They came back and added some nifty features like splitting it for easier transport and putting on some Viking dragons at the edge of the hull.

Boat DIY11

Boat DIY12

They found a more demanding platform to test the boat.

Boat DIY13

Here is the working run of this amazing DIY.

Boat DIY14 Boat DIY15 Boat DIY16

You could go snorkeling or scuba diving on this beauty. Get a few hammers and fake beards and you are good to attack some vulnerable English Isles as well.


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