This Is What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum In An Abandoned Ant Hill

molten aluminium in ant hills

If you can locate a colony of fire ants, then you are in luck. Given that the colony is deserted, of course. Why? Because this amazing DIY project done by this dude is super amazing and you must absolutely try it. The end result is a piece of art that one can proudly place inside the home as a decoration piece.

What he did was to find a fire ant colony that was no longer occupied and poured molten aluminum inside it. Once it cooled down, he dug around the colony and then extracted the cast. The next step was to wash it clean using water. He further used a hard brush to clear any mud or dust that might have been stuck onto his amazing creation. Voila! The amazing art piece is here.

Does this look serene or what? Looks like it has been created by an amazingly talented artist. So, how many of you are going to try this? We know we are.


  1. Sensible Person Reply

    Well, for starters, ants aren’t animals. And although this is obviously an occupied colony, he only filled the first two feet or so of a colony that potentially stretched for several miles. And again, insects are not animals, they don’t have the neural complexity to feel emotion, have any thoughts beyond immediate instinctual needs and do not have nervous systems that allow them to feel pain. Not to mention that they’re born in broods of quite literally millions.

    • James Reply

      He says that he found a no longer occupied ant colony and therefore was not cruel as no ants were hurt or were using it, read the article before saying things are wrong instead of watching only the video dude!!!

      • tahir Reply

        cant you see the ants in the video. and there will be sure inside too.

    • haha owned Reply

      Fire ants, karma is a bitch!! And we all know that wasn’t an abandoned ant hill! Burn baby burn!!

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