Elon Musk Shares Video Of Tesla Cars Talking

Freedom of speech, right? Do we think the same for our gadgets now? Sounds insane, but techies today think otherwise. Having the same mindset, CEO Tesla has introduced the latest feature in his cars. Referring to his product as ‘talking cars’, we’re amazed if the vehicle is actually passing on his own views, or is just pre-programmed to utter statements as per the situation! Well, either way, it must be acknowledged that Elon Musk, CEO Tesla, has made us think totally in a new dimension.

Agree to it or not, this man got big visions! The preview has just gone viral with Tesla Model 3, featuring talking cars. Pay attention and listen to the car saying, “But don’t just stand there staring, hop in”. Now, the situation gives rise to two questions; whether the car has been fed with voice commands or it is making statements analyzing the environment around? For the latter one, the engineering gets complicated, as several sensors dive in to play their role. The car must then be capable of sensing moods, weather, traffic conditions or even emotions of those around? Undoubtedly, Elon’s love for Artificial Intelligence is real!

In reply to a tweet, he has added that the car shall soon be talking to pedestrians. Curious to know, what will it actually ask the strangers around? It might prove useful as well if used to aware the crowd from traffic, or on the side of the picture, it might act like an annoying kid in the initial stages of the technology, making irritating sounds in public.

The details haven’t been cracked yet. Whether the sound shall be coming from external speakers embedded in the body? Or from somewhere inside, as the video shows the windows opening before the voice comes out! And if the case favors the latter one, surely, the feature is dependent on the car windows. But sooner or later, the spec shall run independently.

Isn’t it a piece of good news for solo drivers, going on long drives all alone, now they’ll be having someone to talk to? And is the time near, when these cars would be participating in debates on current affairs or who’s the new celebrity in town? A crazy thought hitting my mind, will now cars shall be seen communicating with each other? A new type of gossip that must be! And won’t it be adding to the noise pollution when roads shall be airing up with voices of its very own vehicles? Tick Tocking for the release!

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