Elon Musk Says He Will Make Sure Tesla Shareholders Benefit From Twitter Long-Term

Elon Musk said that he “will make sure Tesla (TSLA) shareholders benefit from Twitter long-term” after they just lost billions of dollars.

Tesla itself is facing financial issues due to stock market shocks, and its own depleting financial streams, and now with Musk’s Twitter acquisition, things seem a little gloomy. Tesla has lost more than $500 billion in value since Elon moved assets from Tesla to Twitter.

Over the last few weeks, many long-time supporters of Musk have started to change their tune and express concerns about the direction Tesla’s CEO is heading.

Gary Black, another big Tesla investor and long-time Musk supporter, said this yesterday:

Despite many supporters voicing similar concerns, Musk doesn’t address them and instead decides to respond to this comment today:

Musk is also not addressing the concerns of Tesla shareholders, most of whom are long-time supporters of his.

He decided to respond to Omar Qazi (Wholeblogmars), who is unarguably his biggest sycophant, framing the situation in a positive light.

He says that it is an “unpopular opinion,” and that’s clearly because it is wrong. 

People are now talking about how it is becoming necessary that Tesla has a separate CEO.

It is definitely going to be quite a task for Musk to bring Tesla around and prove that he is still a worthy CEO. It is expected that, with time, the whole Twitter fiasco would die down. However, the loss of credibility he has suffered so far is not going to be easy to get over.

Despite his questionable decisions and statements, his efforts in the fields of the electric revolution, clean energy, and space exploration are applaudable and are here to stay. 

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