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Elon Musk Says He Is The Reason OpenAI Exists

Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla, has claimed that he played a significant role in the establishment of OpenAI, the research institute for artificial intelligence (AI). During an interview with CNBC, Musk revealed that he came up with the name of the company and played a vital part in recruiting key scientists and engineers. He also alleged that Microsoft is exerting control over OpenAI, an allegation that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has refuted.

Musk invested $1 billion in OpenAI initially but later withdrew over differences about the speed of OpenAI’s advancements. Musk has expressed concerns about OpenAI’s capped-profit model and its emphasis on safe AI development. He signed a letter with other experts in March 2023, calling for a temporary halt to advanced AI development while safety measures were put in place.

Musk, on the other hand, founded a competing AI startup named X.AI in April. He indicated that he signed the letter as a personal record, but that he understood it would be meaningless.

During the conversation, Musk also discussed his friendship with Larry Page, co-founder of Google. Musk revealed that the two were good friends who used to have extended conversations about artificial intelligence. Musk accused Page of being unconcerned about AI’s safety and “cavalier” about its repercussions. The last straw, according to Musk, was when Page dubbed him a “species-ist” for favoring human awareness above computer consciousness.

OpenAI has not commented on Musk’s assertions. Nonetheless, Nadella refuted the claims that Microsoft has control over OpenAI. He said that Microsoft has no influence over OpenAI’s research agenda or hiring decisions.

Musk’s remarks have revived the discussion about artificial intelligence and its potential dangers. While artificial intelligence has the potential to change businesses and enhance people’s lives, scientists have warned about the risks of advanced AI research. As AI evolves, it is critical for researchers and industry leaders to collaborate in order to avoid these risks and guarantee that AI is created responsibly and safely.

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